About Robert Busse

Born in 1968 in Massachusetts just outside Rhode Island, this young Rhode Island native learned at an early age that visual communications and art would be his calling. Robert has always worked outside the box, including the exact moment he learned that art would be his life's most prominent focus, when in just sixth grade an assigned written book report turned into a complex drawing of the Rhode Island statehouse.

Throughout his education, which included being noted as most artistic in high school and study at the Rhode Island School of Design, he found that corporate communications presented him with challenges that fed his desire to communicate through imagery. After graduating from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale 1988, he began his focus working as a sign apprentice which led to computer graphics and eventually grew into a long career in the corporate world. Offering design and marketing services through his design studio, he established a large client base which included companies such as Polaroid, BMW, Hewlett Packard, Barnett Bank, Protective Products Intl' and others for which he provided several corporate creative services.

Coming to the realization after over 20 years as a marketer that the marketing industry has evolved into a more deceptive practice than he would have liked, his passionate quest in the corporate world faded and morphed quickly into a life-time burning desire to express his artistic view on the world.

You'll often here Robert say 'I really wish I could eat that burger in the picture, rather than what's being served'.

At the age of 45, while continuing to support some clients, Robert has thrown caution to the wind and decided to embark on a journey which will enrich his soul.

'Making people smile and allowing them to make an emotional connection to me and my work has much more value to me at this stage in my life, than motivating strangers to buy a product or service that in most cases they don't need' stated Robert Busse. 'My parents have always told me to do what I love and am most passionate about and everything would fall into place. With those words and philosophy, I have chosen to embark upon and label this artistic chapter of my life as my Impulsive Expressionism journey'.

After traveling abroad to places like Spain, Portugal, South Africa and throughout the Caribbean, now you will find Robert Busse traveling throughout the US seeking people, places and things that inspire him to express his emotional connection to this world through his fine art.